surgical instruments and tools including scalpels, forceps and tweezers arranged on a table for a surgery
surgical instruments and tools including scalpels, forceps and tweezers arranged on a table for a surgery

Surgical instruments have been around for thousands of years. Ancient people used to make surgical instruments from bones, ivory or stones and used them to take out foreign materials from wounds. In the classical age, metals such as bronze, gold, steel and nickel were used for the manufacturing of surgical instruments. Today, however, stainless steel is used for the production of surgical instruments.

Understanding how these instruments are made would help you know your instruments better and would also help you in identifying the cause of any weaknesses in the instrument design.


Knowledge regarding different types of metals used for the making of surgical instruments is important if you wish to know which instrument is to be used for which purpose. Majorly, there are two types of metals that are used for the manufacturing of surgical instruments:

  1. Stainless Steel:

The stainless steel used for surgical instruments is of two types. 1) 300 series stainless steel, also known as Austenitic stainless steel. This is mostly used in retractors. 2) 400 series stainless steel, also called Martensitic stainless steel, which is mostly used for needles, scissors and other instruments that undergo additional stress during their operation.

  1. Tungsten Carbide:

It is a very strong and durable metal, most commonly used in needle holders or the cutting edges of scissors.


The manufacturing process of surgical instruments is not a long and complicated one, yet it is performed by very skilled and experienced persons and many of the steps require direct handling of the material.

  1. Forging:

The metal is heated to a point where it becomes soft, after which a rough outline of the desired instrument is forged on the metal..

  1. Trimming:

After a rough shape of the instrument is made, the excess metal is trimmed out to get a more perfect shape of the instrument.


  • Milling:

This involves further trimming of the material as well as the introduction of special shapes like teeth, serrations, etc. This process is not completed in a single step but is repeated several times until the instrument attains its desired shape.

  1. Heat Treatment:

This step is performed in order to change the physical properties of the material. There are three types of treatments. A material may either be given one type of treatment or more than one types of treatment, depending on the desired end-product. These types are 1) Hardening (for hardening the material), 2) Annealing (for softening the material) and 3) Tempering (for strengthening the material).

  1. Chemical Treatment:

This treatment is performed in order to clean the instruments and to make them corrosion-resistant. The instruments that are not properly treated at that stage are more prone to corrosion.  This treatment includes 1) Passivation (to remove free iron, rust or iron particles from the material by using nitric acid and sodium dichromate) and 2) Pickling (to remove scale formed on the material due to oxidation by using dilute sulphuric or nitric acid).

  1. Fixing and Polishing:

After chemical treatment, the instruments are aligned in their working order and polished to give them a smooth and satin finish that is comfortable to hold and is resistant to corrosion.

  • Etching and Packaging:

Important identifying information is etched upon the instrument using either chemical methods, physical methods or laser. After that the instruments are sent for final inspection before they are eventually packaged and shipped off to their final destination.

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White discharge before period and the associated problems

white-discharge-before-periodWhite discharge is normal and common. It is experienced by almost every woman because it is a premenstrual symptom. White discharge before period occurs for 3 or 4 days. Some women also experience discharge with itching and cramping which makes the situation very discomfort. However, the condition is normal in teenager’s girls who have not started the period.

Most of the time the white discharge if not normal and indicates serious health conditions such as the presence of infection. If the condition is accompanied by burning, pain, urination, swelling or redness than you need to consult your doctor. Proper treatment is required in severe conditions because there might be something going wrong inside your body.

Appearance of white discharge before period

Young girls, middle age women or the mature women experience the same type of vaginal discharge before period. It is similar to mucus and sometimes it is dry. The secretion is creamy, watery, and lubricating. As you are experiencing the discharge before a period so might be possible that it will be slightly brown in color. The color may vary in every woman such as white milky to creamy white.

Types of white discharge before period

Following are the types of white discharge which you will observe and experience. If you experience abnormal or irregular secretion, then consult the doctor immediately.

  • Dry white discharge

The dry release is experienced during the menstrual cycle. Its appearance is white in color, pasty, dry and impenetrable. The dry white discharge refers to infertility which occurs before and after a period. It is very unlikely to get pregnant if you experience dry white discharge.

  • Creamy white secretion

Experiencing creamy white secretion especially during the ovulation days is common. The estrogen levels increase during the period which leads cervix to produces more fluid. The creamy discharge is sticky, wet and tacky. It is denser and thinner than dry release.

  • Egg white discharge

Cervix often produces a slippery and stretchy discharge which looks like egg whites. The wet sensation is created in your vagina. It is experienced especially during the ovulation days which are the 12 or 16 days before period. It is the premium time to get pregnant. It facilitates the sperm cells and unites with the egg cell.

  • Watery discharge

This is the discharge which occurs during the period is normal to experience watery discharge but the heavy flow or abnormal discharge is not good for health. You may experience watery discharge if you engaged in any physical activity or exercising.

  • Lubricating discharge

The lubricating discharge creates a wet and slippery sensation. It usually occurs on the last day of menstrual cycle, and it would be the most fertile is the day when the egg is released or going to release. The sperm can easily pass through the cervix to the uterus.

Causes of white discharge before period

Experiencing the white discharge before period is entirely normal. There are some reasons which indicate serious health issues such as infection. You will notice the symptoms swelling, fishy smell, blood spots, itching, and redness. In such conditions, you will require immediate treatment. Some of the common causes of white discharge are:-

  • Yeast infection
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Panty liners
  • Urethritis
  • Vulvovaginitis
  • Inflammatory disease
  • Cervix inflammation
  • Gonorrhea
  • Papillomavirus infection
  • Anxiety and stress

For serious medical conditions. Consult the doctor

Travel Like A Pro By Following This Advice

Before you leave, make sure you take important documents like passports and visas, and use these tips to aid you.

Leave any valuable items of value at home.

Keep written notes of all important documents when you travel abroad.This will let you contact if you need it. They can help you assistance with problems that occur.

Losing your child sounds absolutely horrifying and scary.

Check the carrier’s website that you are most interested in to make sure you are getting the best deal.Sometimes they have better prices than the best price.

Make sure that someone you can get hold of your itinerary. This will allow someone knows where you are. Stay in contact to maximize your own safety. They won’t worry if they hear from you regularly.

Taking a trip can often make you to want to bring pieces of your home along for the vacation. Limit yourself to essential for your comfort. List those toiletries you use every day and really cannot live without. Pack only the ones that are most important to you.

A luggage tag on the outside of luggage can easily lost in transit.

A desert contains lots of interesting places to look at as well as animals that often are not seen anywhere else.

It is typically more expensive to book this parking the lot and park.

Plan for service stops ahead of time when going on a road trip. When traveling by car, often you may find long stretches of road that don’t offer much car service if you need it. Plan your route around repair places that can fix your vehicle. Keep their phone numbers close at hand as you just in case.

Road trips can get very boring unless you have activities along the route. Breaking up the same old thing with things instead of meal and bathroom breaks can create memories that will last a lifetime. Provide your children with a copy of stops you plan to make.

Don’t rush anything on your road trip, especially if someone needs you to pull over so that they can go to the restroom. Your trip won’t be ruined by a 10-minute potty break. This will also help avoid unhappy travelers.

Contact lenses should be in a great place to stow a couple of your favorite cosmetics. You can keep just a small bit of hair gel or lotion so you do not have to bring the trip.

Be honest when buying travel insurance. Let the provider know if you are sick.You’ll be stuck with all of the bill yourself.

Invite friends on your vacation to save money.Many destinations provide discounts for larger groups. You can save tons of cash on anything from dining to airfare when using group rates. See if friends want to come too.

Long flights can certainly be taxing.You can avoid some of this by planning in advance.) and sleep during the flight to your way. You will feel refreshed and ready to start the day!

If you want to take your pet on vacation, you need to take the time to research hotels that accommodate pets and any fees that may apply to bringing your pet with you.

When traveling with your dogs, give them a quick brushing before getting in the car. This will help to reduce the dog hair that ends up in the car.

These cables will allow you to connect your computer through the television in your room.

Research the laws and customs before departing on your trip. Even if you would not view it as a problem, you could get into trouble for something considered unlawful or offensive. Always be respectful of the laws of the places you are traveling.

Pick one suits you best.

TSA is sure to be suspicious of your gift and take the wrapping job. Instead, pack wrapping paper in your suitcase, or buy paper at your destination.

Female travelers should wear a shawl rather than a heavy coat in any season. This will help keep you warm your feet and make luggage easy to carry. It is also good for covering valuables left in your car.

Make sure your dog is easily accustomed to new places if you plan on traveling with it. They should know basic voice commands when traveling.

Bring along dry snacks when you travel. Being hungry will make plane rides awful.There may not be much food offered on planes.Do not pack wet snacks that are wet.A full belly will result in a much happier journey.

Travel is a load of fun as long as you know how to properly plan. These tips can help you enjoy your trip. You just need to take the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself. The world really is at your feet. Open it!